Every parent wants to raise a healthy child. For that, they search for the best nutrition options to help their infants have the correct brain and body development. Based on TV commercials and marketing campaigns, many parents choose baby formula products to ensure their infants grow well. But in recent times, the increasing number of infant formula lawsuits has made parents reconsider their decision.


Infant formula products often lead to NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) in premature babies. Parents whose babies have suffered from this ailment can file a lawsuit against manufacturers like Mead Johnson (known for Enfamil) and seek legal compensation for their loss and suffering.


The April 2024 lawsuit update states that there were close to 453 NEC baby formula lawsuits in MDL. According to a jury in Illinois, Mead Johnson, which is a subsidiary of Reckitt Benckiser, should compensate a mother of premature babies. Her infant died because of NEC after being fed Enfamil baby formula and she deserves a payout of $60 million.


Furthermore, Sean Grimsley, a lawyer, stated that infant formula shouldn’t be killing babies. He asserted this is a one-of-its-kind trial in a packed courtroom in Belleville. In this article, we will discuss how baby formula has been affecting infants with NEC and the complaints surrounding it. We will also shed light on whether breastfeeding is the way out.

The Link Between Infant Formula and NEC

In February 2024, KSDK.com reported that several studies shared that infants who were fed baby formula products made using cow’s milk were vulnerable to NEC. The I-Team shared in January that, to date, several cases have been filed in Belleville, Illinois, but this was a distinctive one. The outcome can change the way infants get fed in NICUs.


According to a Mead Johnson lawyer, Phyllis Jones, babies who fail to grow hardly survive. She added that ‌breast milk isn’t enough to provide adequate nutrients for infant growth and development. However, the CDC estimates that one out of every ten deaths taking place in NICUs occur because of NEC. The ones who survive often have to deal with health complications all their lives.


Today, several parents have filed their legal claims against Mead Johnson and Abbott and are waiting for their NEC lawsuit payout. As a response to the statement issued by I-Team, Mead Johnson said they have over 120 years of experience in baby nutrition and provide high-end products. They claimed that the allegations made by Ms. Watson, a plaintiff, didn’t have any merit.


It was the very first case that Judge Patrick Foley had to deal with, filed by a mother from Fairview Heights. She gave birth to two twin boys five weeks before her full-term pregnancy. They both weighed a little more than three pounds. One boy developed NEC after getting discharged from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where he was fed on donor human milk. When he was shifted to Memorial Hospital Shiloh, the infant boy was fed on a formula diet since there was no human milk available.


The result of such cases is likely to determine if the baby formula companies will be held accountable for deaths in premature babies and NEC complications. Stephen Reck, another lawyer, mentioned that it is a bellwether case. That indicates it is going to set the tone for a host of other cases that are to come.


Parents across the globe whose infants have suffered from NEC are filing their lawsuit in an attempt to get justice. This move also acts as an awareness campaign for would-be parents to become cautious about the tall claims of baby formula products. In reality, what transpires is infants suffering manifold, losing their lives, or surviving with severe complications.


Therefore, TorHoerman Law states that parents whose infants have contracted NEC should consult a lawyer to determine their eligibility to file a lawsuit. A lawyer will study the case, gather evidence that matters, and use it to build a strong case. That way, the parents are assured of the payout to compensate for their losses.

Can Breastfeeding help?

In March 2024, AboutLawsuits.com stated that new studies revealed several factors that make an infant suffer from NEC. There has been research that suggests breastfeeding can keep infants secure from this fatal ailment.


A team of Chinese researchers has reported that blood transfusions, infections, and congenital heart ailments can heighten NEC risk. And it can be reduced to a huge extent by breastfeeding and other precautionary measures. The findings were published in BMC Pediatrics in February 2024.


Researchers asserted that breast milk has low osmolality in comparison to infant formula products. Naturally, it can alleviate the osmotic load of food, which helps to relieve intestinal pressure. Additionally, breast milk is also rich in lactoferrin, secretory IgA, and various antimicrobial active substances that improve the immune system. It also keeps the body safe from infectious diseases that occur in the gastrointestinal tract.


In conclusion, the NEC baby formula lawsuits have gone up in recent times. It is enough to alert the parents that they need to assess the pros and cons of infant formula products before opting for them. A thorough discussion with a healthcare provider is a must before arriving at any decision. And if your baby has already been affected by NEC after being fed with baby formula products, seeking medical and legal aid is essential.






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